Hire Ductwise Duct Cleaning Instead?

In terms of HVAC maintenance, you should always remember to change your air filter and schedule annual maintenance and you could also contact the most reputable duct cleaning company like Ductwise Duct Cleaning if something seems amiss. Nevertheless, if you aren’t using professional services for duct cleaning, you might be putting your health at risk.

Reasons to Consider Duct Cleaning

Although air moves through the ducts on a regular basis, they still require cleaning regularly. There are some reasons for this and these include:

Your Average Cost. Ductwise Duct Cleaning can help you reduce the overall costs. Not only you’ll be able to save money on repairs, yet you might also save money on energy as well.

The Efficiency of Your HVAC System. The clearer the ducts, the better air could flow. With this, better airflow enables higher efficiency. If your system works efficiently, it lasts longer.

Your Health. Things like debris, dust, and dangerous mold could build up in your ducts and be failing to clean these could result to harmful health conditions, particularly for those with asthma and some respiratory conditions.

When to Call Ductwise Duct Cleaning?

There are some scenarios in which you should contact Ductwise Duct Cleaning right away and these are as follows:

It has been 5 or more since you last cleaned the ducts. According to NADCA, you must schedule professional duct cleaning services every 3 to 5 years and more often once you notice any of some problems on this list.

Strange smell is coming from your vents. It indicates mildew and some debris that must be cleaned right away.

You may see mold. You have to take note that mold can be harmful, so you must not put off professional duct cleaning once you see it.

You may see dirt and dust from supply vent openings. If you could look down into the ducts and see debris or dirt, there is a great chance that debris and dirt exist through the whole system.

Any type of pest infestation. The ducts are basically the typical hiding pests for many pests, so if you see an infestation, call a professional. An inspection could reveal the problem’s scope and Ductwise Duct Cleaning can help you resolve it.

What Should You Expect During Duct Cleaning?

Majority of professional air duct cleaning service providers like Ductwise Duct Cleaning follow the same guidelines. They use tools that are commercial-grade to clean and inspect your ducts based on the issues at hand. To do this, they’ll frequently cut access holes in the ducts, which allow thorough cleaning. Then, these access panels are sealed with screws and plates so they’re airtight. Such panels may be removed for next cleaning, which makes the process much simpler. The professionals can also clean the vents and registers in every room of your home, which would make them sparkle.

Mildew, pests, and dust can wreak havoc on your health and home, yet with the help of Ductwise Duct Cleaning, you can be assured that you’ll experience peace of mind.


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