Moving Your Home Arcade Machine Made Easy

When you have finally decided to move to a new place, there are lots of things you have to move as safely and properly as possible. While you might not have any issues with packing smaller stuff such as china dishes, are you confident when it comes to moving bigger and more fragile items?

If you have a pinball machine, pool table, or other types of coin operated games, it is a must that you move them with extra care. These machines are not just expensive because they could also hold a sentimental value just like most of your belongings. Failure to take extra precautions might lead to significant damages during the move which can then cost you expensive repairs. 

To avoid it from happening, there are several steps you have to follow when it comes to disassembling your pinball machine. For this example, the Shrek Pinball Machine is used. Even though this might not be the exact machine you got, you could still follow the tips to give you the peace of mind knowing that your game room equipment will arrive safely in your new home.

Start by removing all the pinballs first. 

Fold the pinball game’s head down to the play field. 

Secure some plastic wrap and see to it that the play field has been secured to the head to keep it from bouncing around once you move it. 

Detach the back legs then proceed to laying the pinball to the floor. 

Lift the front up so the door coin will face up in the air. 

Get rid of the front legs. 

Wrap cabinet in the blankets to protect the game’s exterior and paint.

Place pinball on the hand truck for moving.

The key with majority of gaming equipment is to get rid of the delicate parts of the machine or table first. For instance, take away the slate, screws, and felt from the pool table before eliminating the legs. You can move the pinball machine or some gaming equipment by yourself, yet remember that the pinball machines weigh about 325 pounds on average. The machine should be moved by at least two persons.

Hire professionals who have experience moving heavy arcade machine. There are times that the pinball machine’s mechanics could get messed up during the process of moving and could need tweaking. This is typically an easy task for somebody who has experienced to solve, yet could be tricky for a novice pinballer. You should ask your mover if they have ever experienced moving collectibles and arcade games before hiring an expert. In case something happens to your gaming equipment, consider consulting professional arcade services that specialize restorations and repairs. This would ensure that the repairs are done properly so you could play your favorite game in your new place anytime you want. is an expert mover that offers a variety of moving services suited for your needs and preferences.