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Moving Your Home Arcade Machine Made Easy

Moving Your Home Arcade Machine Made Easy

When you have finally decided to move to a new place, there are lots of things you have to move as safely and properly as possible. While you might not have any issues with packing smaller stuff such as china dishes, are you confident when it comes to moving bigger and more fragile items?

If you have a pinball machine, pool table, or other types of coin operated games, it is a must that you move them with extra care. These machines are not just expensive because they could also hold a sentimental value just like most of your belongings. Failure to take extra precautions might lead to significant damages during the move which can then cost you expensive repairs. 

To avoid it from happening, there are several steps you have to follow when it comes to disassembling your pinball machine. For this example, the Shrek Pinball Machine is used. Even though this might not be the exact machine you got, you could still follow the tips to give you the peace of mind knowing that your game room equipment will arrive safely in your new home.

Start by removing all the pinballs first. 

Fold the pinball game’s head down to the play field. 

Secure some plastic wrap and see to it that the play field has been secured to the head to keep it from bouncing around once you move it. 

Detach the back legs then proceed to laying the pinball to the floor. 

Lift the front up so the door coin will face up in the air. 

Get rid of the front legs. 

Wrap cabinet in the blankets to protect the game’s exterior and paint.

Place pinball on the hand truck for moving.

The key with majority of gaming equipment is to get rid of the delicate parts of the machine or table first. For instance, take away the slate, screws, and felt from the pool table before eliminating the legs. You can move the pinball machine or some gaming equipment by yourself, yet remember that the pinball machines weigh about 325 pounds on average. The machine should be moved by at least two persons.

Hire professionals who have experience moving heavy arcade machine. There are times that pinball machine’s mechanics could get messed up during the process of moving and could need tweaking. This is typically an easy task for somebody who has experienced to solve, yet could be tricky for a novice pinballer. You should ask your mover if they have ever experienced moving collectibles and arcade games before hiring an expert. In case something happens to your gaming equipment, consider consulting professional arcade services that specializes restorations and repairs. This would ensure that the repairs are done properly so you could play your favorite game in your new place anytime you want. is an expert mover that offers a variety of moving services suited for your needs and preferences. 

Strategic Property Solutions Can Help You Pack All of Your Things During a Move

When it comes to the process of moving, there is a lot of things to do that hiring professional packing service can be a wise idea. Remember that there are tons of options made available from packing your household to packing some items only. If you’re not bothered about the cost, consider hiring professionals for both unpacking and packing. There are numerous services that offer everything from packing household to setting up new home and unpacking. Nevertheless, before hiring or deciding to get packing services, you should weigh your energy and time versus the involved cost of hiring pros to unpack and pack your home.

Assess Home

The first thing that Strategic Property Solutions would do is to evaluate the details of your moving project. As a top home organizer, they will list every item that should be packed such as the kitchen drawers, cupboard contents, and furniture. It isn’t only a way to cost out your move, but also would help you determine what is of value and might require special care. Valuables such as jewelry, artwork, and paperwork are discussed during the assessment, determining how such items must be handled. Generally, the items that might be taken with you during the moving day, rather than being loaded in moving trucks would be separately packed by the company as well as set aside that you can take with you.

Full-Service Packers

These would ensure that all furniture should be taken apart, wrapped properly, and secured with the use of protective packing and padding. Frames and pictures are removed from the carpets and walls are rolled and prepared to move. The boxes should be assorted and labeled in accordance to the placement and room. The company would also give you with time estimates on how long it would take them packing items and the involved cost, typically, they could do in just a day.

Depending on the stuff and time frame you have set would also determine the overall price. If you are in a rush to complete your move, more staff are required to get your house packed. See to it that you arrange for pet sitters or babysitters to ensure that kids and pets will be kept busy whenever Strategic Property Solutions is packing.

Therefore, should you consider hiring a full packing service? Well, it’s a decision that you have to make based on the time and cost. The packing service might add a few amount of money to your budget. But, if you have to take 2 weeks off your work to get the house organized and packed, it might be a worth the cost.

Take note that packing might take time and you have to prepare everything prior to packing. You should purchase some packing supplies and organize things before packing. Whenever you are packing on your own, you have to pack items that you will not need for a few weeks, this would take some time to plan and avoid any inconvenience.

Strategic Property Solutions from iGuide Durham on Vimeo.

How To Get A Beautiful Houston Home For Cheap

How To Get A Beautiful Houston Home For Cheap

Are you looking forward to buying a home for cheap? Though everyone keeps telling that it is a buyer’s market, the buyers all around still find it difficult to come across the house of their dreams in the most economical range. It is still a challenging task for the potential buyers to settle for a beautiful house at the desired pocket-friendly price range. However, with some patience and dedication, you can come up with better house options that are available at a reasonable price range.

If you are thinking of fulfilling your dream of buying a beautiful home for cheap, here are some of the best buying strategies that you can adopt:

  • Shop for Foreclosures: Beginning with the simplest and the most obvious option –the home foreclosures could serve to be a good option for you because it implies that the particular house is not necessarily in its worst condition. To top it all, you can come across several foreclosed homes located in friendly neighborhoods that could be everything that you might be looking for. However, while buying a foreclosed home, you must ensure that you thoroughly inspect each & every corner to come with a better, well-informed decision. This is because, if the owner of the house was not able to pay for the house, there are higher chances that he or she might not have been able to pay for the repairs of the house as well.


  • Look Out for Short Sales: A short sale is considered to be a great way of finding cheaper houses in your locality. This is because the owner of the particular house still owns the house, but the respective bank has agreed to allow them to make a sale for a value that tends to be lesser than the current mortgage value of the house. The overall concept of the short sale process has been designed such that the banks are able to avoid the issue of any formal foreclosures. The only downside to the short sale process is that it might require you to wait for a considerable amount of time to get the final approval to the offer by the bank.


  • Consider Buying “As Is” Homes: If you are looking for cheap home options to buy for yourself & your family, you can also go for buying the homes “as is”. These homes can be located anywhere as these could be foreclosures or private properties. However, before buying any “as is” home, there are a lot of factors that you need to keep in mind. Right from the higher possibility of repairs to renovations, the additional costs, and so more –you must inspect the house properly before finalizing the deal. However, sometimes you can indeed come up with perfectly beautiful homes requiring minimal repairs. So, why not give it a try? You can get with Home Buyer Houston to learn more about buying a home “as-is” or even what they might have as possible inventory options for home seekers like yourself. There are also many other Houston house buyer companies around that can help you find cheaper homes.


  • Apply for the Local Grant: There are several local organizations that work in the developing neighborhoods towards offering the potential buyers an opportunity to buy the houses of their dreams. With tons of age-old, historic houses in the neighborhoods, you can apply for the local grant for getting valid proposals for these houses. With the help of such organizations, you can buy really cheap homes as per your choice. The only catch here is that you are expected to live in the particular house for a certain time (number of years), repair the given space, and keep it well-maintained during your stay.


  • Select the Best Location: You can go for buying cheaper homes in transitional neighborhoods. Such neighborhoods serve to be typical urban environments, in opposition to the suburbs, such that you can have the feeling of living in the city. On the other hand, you can also go for selecting cheaper, grander houses located in the countryside. Each option having its sets of pros & cons, you can come up with the best decision as suited to your specific requirements.

Look out for the best options when you are looking for beautiful homes in the most budget-friendly range. If possible, take some professional help that can help you decide the best option available out there!


Most Beautiful Homes of San Diego

Are you looking for a beautiful home in San Diego? San Diego is home to a host of sprawling, attractive homes & apartments that attract several home buyers every year. With its endearing well-moderated climatic conditions and an array of other fun activities going around in the place, it is hard to resist oneself from not being allured by the idea of living in San Diego. As the economy of the region is going strong with the city endowed with several recreational and arts amenities, you can definitely consider investing in San Diego real estate for a profitable future.

If you are looking for some high-end, beautiful homes in San Diego, then here is top selection of the best ones out there:

  • The Starkey House: The spectacular Starkey House in Chula Vista is presented as a 5-bedroom Colonial Revival Home that was constructed in 1896. Featuring amazing architecture all over –the Starkey House hosts a specialized game room, three fireplaces, a sleeping porch, and designer French doors that open up to a magnificent pool terrace. The property also contains a 1-bedroom guest cottage, a separate carriage house, rain barrels, solar panels, and even an electric car charger.


  • The Albert Frost House: Located centrally in San Diego, this is a designated landmark in the city. Located in Mission Hills, the Albert Frost House was built in 1916. The beautiful mansion consists of 6 bedrooms including 5 fireplaces, original woodwork along the floors & walls, exposed beams, and over-sized windows for an amazing view outside. The 0.3-acre property includes a lot in its small space including a separate pool, a dining area, a guesthouse, an outdoor kitchen, a spa, and so more.


  • Rancho Santa Fe: This is another majestic home located in San Diego. Presented as a single-storey, 5-bedroom mansion, the Rancho Santa Fe property is spread across an area of 2 acres. The modern-age house consists of intricate architectural elements including finished concrete floors, walnut cabinetry, 4 fireplaces, along with a double-sized master bedroom suite featuring dual bathrooms. There is a retractable wall present in the living room that opens itself into a welcoming pool area along with a 2-bedroom guesthouse.


  • Coronado: Situated separately on the corner of an 11-floor high-rise building, this 3-bedroom housing unit flaunts an amazing breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean along with the downtown of San Diego. The freshly renovated apartment building comprise of high-end features including the presence of an open kitchen, an enclosed balcony, and floor-to-ceiling windows for a spectacular view outside. Some of the additional amenities of the apartment building include a pool, tennis courts, and an individual exercise room.


  • La Jolla: This Mediterranean-style beautiful home in San Diego attracts the potential home buyers who have a rich taste for some age-old history and intricate architecture. The elegant home consists of 5 bedrooms and offers the picturesque view of the Pacific Ocean throughout. The house was constructed in 1972 and features high-end features including two fireplaces, radiant floor heating, arched doorways, and multiple balconies for viewing the ocean from different angles. The private lot also comes with a separate pool featuring a waterfall and several ornamental paintings all across the home.

When in San Diego, there are several options of coming across some of the most beautiful and amazing homes as well as apartments for you to choose from. Depending on your personal needs and the overall budget, you can go for selecting the best home or apartment for yourself & your family.

Information on SD homes provided by Sell My House Easy Fast ( You can also check out a video here:


Why You Should Ditch DIY Cleaning

 Hire Ductwise Duct Cleaning Instead?

In terms of HVAC maintenance, you should always remember to change your air filter and schedule annual maintenance and you could also contact the most reputable duct cleaning company like Ductwise Duct Cleaning if something seems amiss. Nevertheless, if you aren’t using professional services for duct cleaning, you might be putting your health at risk.

Reasons to Consider Duct Cleaning

Although air moves through the ducts on a regular basis, they still require cleaning regularly. There are some reasons for this and these include:

Your Average Cost. Ductwise Duct Cleaning can help you reduce the overall costs. Not only you’ll be able to save money on repairs, yet you might also save money on energy as well.

The Efficiency of Your HVAC System. The clearer the ducts, the better air could flow. With this, better airflow enables higher efficiency. If your system works efficiently, it lasts longer.

Your Health. Things like debris, dust, and dangerous mold could build up in your ducts and be failing to clean these could result to harmful health conditions, particularly for those with asthma and some respiratory conditions.

When to Call Ductwise Duct Cleaning?

There are some scenarios in which you should contact Ductwise Duct Cleaning right away and these are as follows:

It has been 5 or more since you last cleaned the ducts. According to NADCA, you must schedule professional duct cleaning services every 3 to 5 years and more often once you notice any of some problems on this list.

Strange smell is coming from your vents. It indicates mildew and some debris that must be cleaned right away.

You may see mold. You have to take note that mold can be harmful, so you must not put off professional duct cleaning once you see it.

You may see dirt and dust from supply vent openings. If you could look down into the ducts and see debris or dirt, there is a great chance that debris and dirt exist through the whole system.

Any type of pest infestation. The ducts are basically the typical hiding pests for many pests, so if you see an infestation, call a professional. An inspection could reveal the problem’s scope and Ductwise Duct Cleaning can help you resolve it.

What Should You Expect During Duct Cleaning?

Majority of professional air duct cleaning service providers like Ductwise Duct Cleaning follow the same guidelines. They use tools that are commercial-grade to clean and inspect your ducts based on the issues at hand. To do this, they’ll frequently cut access holes in the ducts, which allow thorough cleaning. Then, these access panels are sealed with screws and plates so they’re airtight. Such panels may be removed for next cleaning, which makes the process much simpler. The professionals can also clean the vents and registers in every room of your home, which would make them sparkle.

Mildew, pests, and dust can wreak havoc on your health and home, yet with the help of Ductwise Duct Cleaning, you can be assured that you’ll experience peace of mind.


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First-time visitors to your blog make near-instant decisions about whether it’s worth digging into your site or whether they should just click the back button and go look at one of your competitors.

That means it’s essential that the “first glimpse” anyone has of your blog is a good one; namely that it looks professional, interesting and relevant enough that it’ll grab them by the eyeballs and drag them straight into your carefully-constructed blog posts.

Whilst there are a number of ways to do this, as someone who has been launching and writing blogs for almost a decade, here are the elements (in no particular order) that I’ve found to have the greatest impact on my “time on site” and “bounce rate” across dozens of blogs.



Cluttered blogs, filled with text, showing very few paragraphs or subheads look tiring to read and so turn visitors off. You can change this easily by doing the opposite. Spend some time before publishing any blog post to focus on your blog post formatting.

Try using a variety of techniques to make your content look more readable and appealing to the eye including:

  • Subheads
  • Short paragraphs
  • Differently formatted text (bold, italics etc.)
  • Quotes, statistics, charts and tables to further break up your content

Attractive Theme

Your overall site theme says a huge amount to your visitors – even if they aren’t consciously aware of it. While there are some excellent premium WordPress themes it isn’t always necessary to pay over the odds. Some premium theme designers also offer a limited number of free themes that offer a very professional design.

So take some time to consider what message your theme is giving your visitors and, if necessary, consider testing out some alternatives to see which one gets the best results.

Attention-Grabbing Titles

Your blog post title is really an advert for the post itself. Boring-sounding titles simply won’t attract as much interest as thrilling-sounding titles. Because of this it’s wise to spend some time learning the basics of copyrighting and look for a unique or exciting angle for your article titles.

For example try to offer a significant benefit for reading your content (make a promise) or make it so intriguing that your visitors can’t help but start reading your content.

High Quality Images

Thanks to wide-spread broadband now there aren’t the fears that used to exist when it comes to slowing down your sites loading time by adding images. Quite the reverse – images are now more important than ever in grabbing your visitors attention.

Aim to find photos that stand out and draw the eye – those involving people’s faces are typically very effective if thousands of Facebook adverts to be believed. And watch the legalities too – wherever possible look for sources of royalty-free photosso you avoid any possible copyright infringement.


Images are pretty-much essential these days, but multimedia content like video or podcasts can add even more interest to a blog post if the media is closely-related and adds value to the overall article.

And thanks to YouTube it’s easier than ever to paste a related video into your posts – even if you didn’t actually create the video yourself in the first place.

Top Articles List

Are there certain articles on your site that you’re particularly proud of because of how useful they are, how long they look to write or all the positive comments and social shares they’ve got?

If so, these “top articles” are a great way to engage new readers and illustrate the value of subscribing to your blog.

Consider creating a list of these top articles – either manually or using one of the various specially-designed plugins for this purpose – and display the list in a prominent place such as at the top of your sidebar.

Doing so immediately advertises this content to first-time visitors and draws them straight into the best content you have to offer.

Social Proof

One final tip worth mentioning is just how useful “social proof” can be. After all, if you’ve got thousands of Twitter followers or Facebook fans then it follows that you’re probably someone worth listening to.

Of course gaining social proof can be relatively easy; anyone can advertise on Twitter or on Facebook and quickly gain a sizeable following for minimal investment.

In doing so you’ll not only be building your own custom audience that you can market to again and again but the social proof alone will help to draw in new visitors and convince them that you’re an authority in your niche.