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   Renee Crosse has teamed with her husband, Clay Crosse, to promote the message of HolyHomes at various seminars and conferences nationwide.  She also speaks individually at women’s events.  Crosse is gaining the reputation as a powerful, dynamic and authentic author, speaker and teacher.  This has not always been the case though.   She says, “I find it very interesting that God has placed me in this position of leadership and put me on a platform for His message. 

   That all changed in 1998 after Renee and Clay went through a recommitment of their home and marriage to God.  This was a pivotal time that transformed their life.  Renee then began to join Clay on stage sharing their testimony at various events which Clay had been invited. 

   During these appearances it became clear that Renee has a strong gift for communication and encouragement.  Her husband, Clay states, “I would stand there and listen to her and just think, ‘Wow, I never knew she could do this so well!’”  He goes on to say, “She just has that thing that every great speaker has.  You can’t ignore what they are saying. She captures you with a great message.  It comes from a life that has been changed.”

    There are just too many families out there that need to hear about the healing and hope that God is offering!  Clay and Renee co-authored their debut book, “I Surrender All / Rebuilding A Marriage Broken By Pornography” (NavPress).  The Crosse’s reside in Memphis, Tennessee where Renee is full time mommy to their four children. 

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